Getting Photos From Us

Our default process is to select the best photo of the dog and send two 8 x 10 color prints to the address listed in the catalog. If you or your agent ask us to take a photo we assume that you intend to purchase the photo, so no additional ordering is required. We discount the cost for the prints by $5 if paid within 30 days. Prepayment is not required. We will send you an invoice and return envelope with the prints. If payment is not received within 30 days the price increases by $5. You may change your account to receive only one 8 x 10 color print for the discounted price $5 less than the cost of two if paid within 30 days. After 30 days the regular price of $5 more applies. We also offer a full line of additional prints in various sizes. The price list for those is available upon request.

If you prefer a digital image you have two options. Our Premium Product is a high resolution digital image WITH COPYRIGHT RELEASE. For $72 paid in advance, we will also include two 8 x 10 color prints at no additional cost. The images are the same quality that is sent to our lab for printing. They may be used for advertising or in any way that you see fit. If you do not want prints the cost is still $72 for high resolution as you are buying the copyright release.

The least expensive digital option is the same price as two 8 x 10’s, paid in advance for a low resolution image WITHOUT COPYRIGHT RELEASE that would be suitable for sharing on Social Media, but MAY NOT be used advertising. You may later purchase a high resolution digital image with copyright release for an additional $35 which must be paid in advance. No prints will be mailed but you may purchase them as per our price list for additional copies in a full range of sizes.

If you are looking to see proofs, we do not post them on a web site. We will send you a watermarked low resolution image of your dog upon receipt of $10 payment. No credit will be given for the proof payment for additional products that you request. Let us know if you want to receive the proof via e mail or first class mail. Utilizing either of these options will delay you receiving the final product by a week or more.